Branch in Poltava Region


Галич Роман

Голова Відділення АПУ в Полтавській області
доцент ХНУ В.Н.Каразіна

Dear Colleagues!

The UBA Branch in Poltava Region welcomes you and invites to cooperation.

Today, the main development direction of Ukraine is a formation of civil society within democratic, social and law-bound state. It's a well-known fact that the primary obligation of such a state isn't just a declaration, but also a provision of people's rights and freedoms. To succeed in this we need to create a sustainable mechanism in order to control their adherence. That's why practice needs to address theoretical concepts and principles of legal science, and vice versa, - theoretical ideas need to be grounded on practical experience. Once Immanuel Kant said: "Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play."

The UBA Branch in Poltava Region is a team of young jurists and legal practitioners who don't stop at achieved and strive to gain new experience, raise level of proficiency, share ideas and help others.

Head of department UBA in Poltava Region
Рада Відділення