Branch in Odessa Region


Яковлева Діана

Голова Відділення АПУ в Одеській області
партнерка АО «AS Legal»

Dear Colleagues!

One of the top priority tasks of the UBA and the UBA Branch in Odessa Region is uniting of professional lawyers in order to share knowledge and experience. We discussed the most urgent issues in the sphere of real estate, corporate, maritime, transport and labor law within the scope of Branch activities. If you are purposeful and initiative and want to share practical experience with colleagues and raise own level of proficiency, you are welcome to join the UBA Branch in Odessa Region.

керуючий пратнер АО «МІТРАС», адвокат
Branch Council
Managing partner LEGRANT Law Company, Attorney, PhD
Member of the Election Commission
Managing Partner of the Sergeev Law Office
Head of Juris Ferrum
Head of department UBA in Odessa Region
managing Partner of De Jure
managing Partner of JSC CF Dominanta
managing Partner of FRANKLIN SAIROS JSC
директор АО «АНК. Морська юридична практика», адвокат