Branch in Khmelmitsk Region


Bilousov Yuriy

Head of department UBA in Khmelmitsk Region
professor of the Department of Civil Law and Procedure, Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law L.Yuzʹkova

Dear Colleagues!

For today, human rights are in the focus of public and political processes and they are expressed through connection of authorities, individuals and civic society.

Taking this into account we determined the main aim of the UBA Branch in Khmelnytskyi Region which is facilitating human and citizen rights and freedoms exercising as well as realization of legal community professional interests in Khmelnytskyi region on the grounds of law supremacy.

Main focus areas:

  1. Holding of educational and informative events directed at raising of legal culture of state officials and community members of Khmelnytskyi region.
  2. Holding of conferences, round tables, and seminars on urgent issues of Ukrainian legislation.
  3. Performing legislative and expert activities.

The UBA Branch in Khmelnytskyi Region is looking to cooperate with experienced and beginning legal practitioners, scientists, educators, public figures and other specialists who share our goals and tasks being non-indifferent towards democratic and legal development of our country.

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