Branch in Chernivtsi Region


Ноцький Олександр

Голова Відділення АПУ в Чернівецькій області

Dear colleagues!

The APU branch in Chernivtsi region welcomes you and offers to join the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine in the regions, as well as to take part in the planned branches of the guests. The purpose of the Office is to build civil society, implement the rule of law, increase legal awareness and legal culture of the region and the country as a whole In order to achieve this goal, we invited to cooperate with initiative employees of the regions - lawyers, legal advisers, courts, law enforcement officers, professional scientists and other specialists in sectoral rights who are ready to prove themselves, become a team and actively participate in the department and the Association of Workers of Ukraine.
At the same time, we can engage in strong professional practice together, engage in dialogue and exchange reports in a relationship - these are essential components of the successful professional life of your lawyers.

Заступник Голови
Head of department UBA in Chernivtsi Region
senior partner of a law firm Poliak and partners