Branch in Cherkasy Region


Сухомлин Галина

Голова Відділення АПУ в Черкаській області
провідна спеціалістка Центрального міжрегіонального управління Міністерства юстиції

The Ukrainian Bar Association opens its branch in Cherkasy region in order to consolidate the legal practitioners of the region and help to realize the rule of law.

Cherkasy is not only the geographical centre of Ukraine. It’s also the heart of our country — its spiritual core. The land of Cherkasy witnessed glorious and mighty historic events, and today we cannot just stand aside the important processes of state legal system reform that is taking place in our country. Today, like never before, the legal community needs to combine forces.

The UBA branch in Cherkasy region is actively involved in a number of different activities, including the civic expertize of draft laws, improvement of legal education quality, provision of free legal aid to people, raise of citizens legal culture, and work with young lawyers.

I really appreciate your trust and wish all of us peace, inspiration and confidence.