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The Students League of the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA), founded in 2005 is a student division of the biggest Ukrainian law society that unites law faculty students from all over Ukraine.

Student division of the UBA consists of more than 1500 law faculty students from more than 50 educational institutions of Ukraine.

The main goals of the UBA Students League:

1. To improve practical legal knowledge of the law students by:

  • Conducting conferences on legal issues, organizing training sessions, webinars, round tables and seminars;
  • Communicating with practicing lawyers and attorneys;
  • Publishing students’ research in legal magazines and papers;

2. To offer legal internships and further employment with the leading Ukrainian law firm

3. To promote international cooperation among law students by:

  • Establishing cooperation with international law students associations and NGOs;
  • Organizing events of different kind (speaking clubs, webinars with foreign lawyers etc.);
  • Establishing international students exchange programs.

4. To create a powerful student law society;

5. To inspire personal growth of young individuals.

During the 2012-2013 academic years the UBA Students League:

  • Conducted more than 40 law conferences;
  • Provided more than 30 internships for its members;
  • Initiated 4 scholarship competitions for prominent students;
  • Cooperated with more than 30 Ukrainian law firms;
  • Attracted more than 400 members from all over Ukraine.

This year the UBA Students League activities are being supported by the leading Ukrainian law firms:  «AVER LEX», «IMG Partners».

The UBA Students League cordially welcomes open-minded students to join our organization to work together to translate our common ideas and goals into practice. We strongly believe that together we form a new ambitious generation that will determine the future of the legal profession in Ukraine.

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Partner, Sergeev Law Office
Managing Partner, Krolevetskyi & Partners Law Firm
Senior partner MORIS, Attorney at Law
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