Forum of Women Lawyers


Vronska Anna

Coordinator of the Forum of Women Lawyers

Dear female colleagues!

The Forum of Women Lawyers begins its activity with the main goal of introducing and discussing the interests of modern women in the legal profession, giving opportunities to develop professional skills, developing and promoting different programs, including the opening activity of the online program called “The school of Leadership” as well as the planned activity of the “Connection of professions and families” program.  

The Forum of Women Lawyers is directed at arranging the communications among women lawyers, providing them with the opportunity of personal communication with the representatives of legal business as well as with the scholars, educators, state employees, discussing the relevant matters of connecting professional activity with family, rest and leisure, charity etc.

Topics, concerning professional and personal lives of modern women lawyers, the ways of succeeding, and exchanging experience and advice will be discussed at meetings of the Forum of Women Lawyers.

To make such communication pleasant and relaxed, meetings of the Forum will be held in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

All interested, particularly women lawyers are invited to participate in the Forum of Women Lawyers.


Anna Vronska

Coordinator of the Forum of Women Lawyers of Ukrainian Bar Association

The Forum of Women of UBA increases its activities – the pressure group of the Association established the new program called “The School of Leadership”. Under this program, women leaders in any field of law, including partners of law firms, prominent scholars and educators, state employees and even rainmakers of jurisprudence are offered to answer a number of questions. These interviews will be published online on the Forum’s page to help many women build their careers. All interested are invited to participate in the project with the conditions of participation provided by the link.

The first interview on the Forum’s page is devoted to a very relevant matter – how to keep a place in the legal market and not lose the qualification for women lawyers who leave with the purpose of childcare. The answer to this question gives Olena Pelypenko, the author of over 20 publications; graduate of the Economic Law Faculty of The Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University, who is on the child rearing leave (was previously employed as a senior lawyer of a leading law firm).