Young Lawyers Forum

Information on the Young Lawyers Forum of the Ukrainian Bar Association

Target audience:

Young ambitious and motivated lawyers who begin a career in law

Areas of activity:

  • Organization and holding events dedicated to professional and personal development;
  • Informing on internships, studying abroad ( LLM, PhD programs) and other professional directing and personal development programs;
  • Cooperation with international youth organizations within Forum’s activity and professional organizations, which include youth divisions.


  • To promote young lawyer’s successful career;
  • To teach reconciling work and private life properly;
  • To create conditions for communication between young lawyers and their senior colleagues;
  • To promote personal development of every young lawyer;
  • To intensify participation of young lawyers in the activity and development of the Ukrainian Bar Association;
  • To increase number of joinings to the Ukrainian Bar Association after high school graduation.

Forum formats:

Formal events which includes meetings, seminars, workshops, trainings, round tables on:

  • time-management;
  • planning;
  • skills of negotiations of various types;
  • public speaking;
  • rules of successful career growth in a law firm or another company ( presentation skills, teamwork, customer service, effective communication with the leader / mentor, colleagues, etc.);
  • professional technical skills (writing contracts, memoranda, legal search and analysis, etc.).

Informal events.

Order of joining:

Automatic joining of the actual members of the Ukrainian Bar Association and persons, who apply for a membership, if they are under the «young lawyer» category, to the Young Lawyers Forum.  


  • discounts on participation in paid events of the Ukrainian Bar Association;
  • discounts on enrollment fee payment;
  • a right to initiate own event within the subject of activity of the Forum.