The UBA charitable assistance to lawyers. This is who we supported in the first half of 2023

The Ukrainian Bar Association in cooperation with the Charity Fund "Kind Hearts for Ukraine" continues to help lawyers who find themselves in difficult life circumstances due to the full-scale war. This charitable initiative exists, in particular, thanks to your indifference to the fate of colleagues who need material and, most importantly, moral support.

The first half of 2023 has passed, so it's time to report who we helped this half year.

During six months, thanks to donations and charity auctions, the UBA managed to raise 125,200 UAH (about 3,420 USD, or about 3,140 EUR). We used these funds for the following assistance:

  • Through the mediation of the Kherson Regional Bar Council, we helped local lawyers who suffered from the consequences of the Russia-committed demolition of the Kakhovka Dam.
  • We supported the NGO "City of Power", which is currently providing assistance to residents of the Kherson region suffering from the consequences of the demolition of the Kakhovka Dam. This NGO is headed by Ievgen Gilin, a UBA member, a Kherson lawyer.
  • We provided financial assistance to four lawyers from different regions of Ukraine who found themselves in difficult life circumstances due to the war. They are two women lawyers, from Kyiv region and Kharkiv region, whose homes were damaged as a result of hostilities, as well as a lawyer's assistant, a displaced person from Donetsk region who became seriously ill due to the stress caused by the war, and a law student who left temporarily occupied Mariupol and needs financial support.

Together we have already helped many Ukrainian lawyers and their families who suffered from the war. But just as many lawyers still need support, as Russian armed aggression continues.

If you would like to join our charitable initiative, you can make a small donation by following this link. Thanks to everyone who helps!

You can find more information about how the UBA and the Charity Fund "Kind Hearts for Ukraine" help lawyers, as well as the stories of those whom we have already helped, at this link.

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