APU & "Tabletochki Charity Foundation" - collaboration for the sake of help (finished)

Annually 9000 children die from cancer worldwide, and almost 180,000 are diagnosed with cancer. In Ukraine, over 1,000 children receive such a diagnosis every year.

Olga Kudienko, the founder of the "Tabletochki Charity Foundation", said:

"My dream is for every person in Ukraine to help each other, respond to the problem, get involved, and do what they can. To defeat cancer, many people are needed. A great united force wins. It has always been that way".

What can you do?

Helping children is simple, and we suggest contributing to the "Tabletochki Charity Foundation" work! The first charity event as part of our cooperation will be a master class with Victoria Yesaulenko, the marketing director of the "Asters" law firm. You can register to participate via the link. All funds raised from the event will be donated to the "Tabletochki".

Follow the announcements and join the charity efforts with the Ukrainian Bar Association, as our voice is louder together!

*** "Tabletochki" is the largest charity fund in Ukraine that protects the interests of children with oncological diseases. The foundation provides targeted, psychological, and palliative care and systematically helps with necessary medications for 17 cancer departments throughout Ukraine.