Tax Career Talks: UBA Students’ League and AVELLUM open the tax world to future lawyers

The Kyiv branch of the Ukrainian Bar Association Students’ League and AVELLUM, the Annual Partner of the UBA Students’ League, hosted a unique online event called "Tax Career Talks." The event focused on key issues in building a career in taxation in Ukraine and abroad, as well as providing quality client consultation.

The event brought together high-caliber speakers who shared their experience and expertise. Anton Zaderygolova, Partner of Tax Law and Private Clients Practice at AVELLUM, moderated the event and discussed various tax law issues, including international tax planning, direct and indirect taxation, taxation of individuals, transfer pricing, and customs law.

Andriy Reun, Chair of the UBA Committee on Tax and Customs Law, Partner, and Head of the Tax Practice at LCF Law Group, revealed secrets to addressing complex tax and legal issues, including a presentation on "Tax Consulting or Tax In-House: Pros and Cons of Each Direction."

International-level speakers, such as Svitlana Musienko, Senior Tax Counsel at PWS Sweden, and Olga Anufriieva, Tax Director at SoftServe, shared their experience in career development in the field of international taxation.

Anastasiia Matviiets, EMEA Tax Lead at Under Armour, presented trends in career development in international taxation in Europe and the USA, providing valuable insights and recommendations for those aspiring to become professionals in this field.

Andrii Buznytskyi, Tax Consultant at Deloitte Tax LLP, provided interesting consultations on international tax structuring, revealing the specifics of creating holding/trading structures and structuring investments abroad.

Rhian Parker, Partner at Linklaters, welcomed event participants and shared her experience in consulting large organizations such as Nestlé and the UK His Majesty's Treasury on taxation issues for financial institutions and corporations.

The final presentations, delivered by Anna Vitko, Wealth Planning Director at Sequent Group, and Volodymyr Vitko, Senior Wealth Advisor at Kaiser Partner, focused on estate planning and private clients.

This unique online event impressed not only with the diversity of topics and prominent speakers but also with the number of interested and energetic participants: the event gathered over 80 students from various universities in Ukraine. This indicates a great interest among young people in tax law issues and their desire to join the professional community. Active involvement, questions, and discussions were felt at every stage, indicating a high level of interest and readiness of future lawyers to actively participate.

The UBA Students’ League and AVELLUM express sincere gratitude to all participants, partners, and speakers who made this event special and fruitful for everyone involved. "Events of this kind not only expand the knowledge of participants but also contribute to the development of the professional community and the formation of new perspectives in tax law," note the event organizers.

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