Volume I of the GAN report on Russian Mass Destruction of the Natural Environment in Ukraine has been presented

The Global Accountability Network's Ukraine Accountability Project (GAN UAP) has presented Volume I of a two-volume analytical report on Russian Mass Destruction of the Natural Environment in Ukraine. The document is the collective volunteer work product of law students, legal professionals, and practitioners around the world. Ukrainian Bar Association volunteers contributed substantially to this Volume and helped to inform the analysis of Ukrainian criminal law.

Volume I examines individual responsibility for crimes against the natural environment, while Volume II will address state responsibility. Volume I delves into the applicable international and domestic legal frameworks governing crimes against the natural environment, presenting a detailed analysis of specific incidents illustrating these offenses.

This Volume specifically elaborates on the crime of ecocide under Ukrainian domestic law and international law and argues for its addition to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. The report underscores the urgency of addressing environmental destruction during armed conflicts, emphasizing the need to accentuate individual and state responsibility for these crimes.

The report was worked on by: Mia Bonardi, Lotta Lampela, Thea Andersen, Victor Andrei Ivan, Yuliia Brusko, Phoebe Juel, Solomiia Rohovska, Joel Shambaugh, Alyona Shulima, Bryan Sicard, Olena Yaliieva, Genevieve Zingg, Daniel Bonsangue, Alisa Burtseva, Sergii Chystiakov, Maria Cudowska, Tetiana Drakokhrust, Anne Ewart, Omar Hajajra, Tetiana Herasymova, Julia Jacovides, Sindhu Kadhiresan, Kate Metzer, Valeriia Liamzienko, Yehor Lysov, Oleksandra Marusheva, Olena Mytnyk, Yashan Nadiia, Shane Pimentel, Masha Pobedinsky, Kate Powers, Ihor Puhaiko, Dmytro Pyrozhenko, Lauren Rawlins, Bogdan Sanzhara, Jack Sartee, Areesha Shahid, Annika Stimac, Frank Stolba, Olga Terefenko, Sabastina Wiafe, Maria Cudowska, Professor Sara Dillon, Phoebe Juel, Kate Powers, Thea Andersen.

You can view the document via this link.

The Global Accountability Network is a network of prosecutors, lawyers, scientists, and other experts, as well as students, who collect and analyze information from open sources about international crimes. GAN continues to focus on events in Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, China, and now Ukraine. The Ukrainian Bar Association supports GAN’s efforts to gather information about crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine and to widely disseminate such information to the international community, and also provides expert and volunteer assistance to GAN UAP investigative activities.

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