UBA Best Young Lawyer Award

The UBA Best Young Lawyer Award is a recognition at the national level and an opportunity to receive comprehensive support from the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) in advancing and implementing one's ideas.

The award is given to four young lawyers who have completed their studies within the last four years and not only have achievements in their professional practice but also make a significant contribution to the development of the legal community and civil society, demonstrate innovation and leadership.

Selection process:

First stage - The Nomination Committee selects the best applications received. The composition of the Nomination Committee is determined by the UBA Board.

Second stage - All UBA members and members of the Student League vote.

Winners, 2021:

Dmytro Melnyk, lawyer at Arzinger

Vladyslav Shtager, assistant lawyer at Sayenko Kharenko

Mykhailo Protsailo, junior lawyer at the Legal Consulting Group

Mykyta Zhukov, managing partner at Zhukov Legal Family Office, co-founder of the Legal Design project, Chairman of the UBA Committee on Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Human Rights