Assessment of the Rule of Law in Ukraine (finished)

The project "Assessment of the rule of law in Ukraine" is being implemented by the Ukrainian Bar Association together with the Rule of Law Rule Center with expert support of the European Commission "For Democracy through Law" (Venice Commission).

The basis of the project, which is scheduled to take place annually, is the Rule of Law Checklist approved by the Venice Commission in 2016.

The purpose of the project is to draw attention of the legal and expert community to the rule of law as the basis for building relations in a democratic society and its conscious implementation in Ukraine. Indeed, as stated by the Venice Commission in its Rule of Law Checklist "The rule of law can only flourish in a country whose inhabitants have a sense of collective responsibility for implementing this principle, making it an integral part of its own legal, political and social culture."

During the project implementation, the criteria for evaluating the rule of law in Ukraine based on the Rule of Law Checklist and national specificity will be developed, a sociological survey of different focus groups will be conducted, and the key issues identified and an analytical report will be prepared.

The official presentation of the project took place on February 1, 2018.

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