Changes in the UBA’s leadership: dynamics and progress!

The Ukrainian Bar Association is pleased to announce key changes in its leadership.

With the start of her master's program at one of the prestigious academies in Europe, Inna Liniova, the Executive Director of the Association, is shifting the focus of her activities to the establishment and development of international relations.

Inna Liniova

Viktoriia Krasnova, the Operations Director of the UBA, who has been part of our team since 2015, will assume the responsibilities of the head of the Association's Secretariat. Her years of experience and dedication to the organization ensure the successful development of our projects and initiatives.

Viktoriia Krasnova

These changes in the UBA leadership embody our values: a commitment to self-improvement, dedication to the profession, and constant progress. We believe that united efforts and collaboration will lead the Association to new heights and victories.

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