The Third Edition of the GAN Report on the Russian war crimes against Ukraine (February 2022 — June 2023) has been published

The Global Accountability Network’s Ukraine Accountability Project (GAN UAP) has published an updated Report on war crimes, crimes against humanity and crime of aggression committed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine (Third Edition). The report was prepared with the assistance of the Ukrainian Bar Association.

The document covers war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Russian invaders in Ukraine from February 24, 2022 to June 14, 2023. The basis of this report is founded upon open-source research and evidence collection by an inter-collegiate investigative team from across the US, collecting reports, photographic, and video evidence of crimes perpetrated in Ukraine.

The document provides the reader with a brief, but important, historical overview of Ukraine and its relationship with Russia. In addition, the report describes international legal mechanisms of accountability, identify individuals most responsible for the commission of crimes in Ukraine, and provide a series of representative charges to be used in an international criminal tribunal.

The report reiterates its call upon the international community to not remain silent or idle, but to respond to the call for justice and accountability by utilizing the available international accountability mechanisms, as the Russian Federation is openly committing crimes of aggression, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

The report was worked on by: Kelly Adams, Mia Bonardi, Victor Andrei Ivan, Phoebe Juel, Alexandra Lane, Bryan Sicard, Alan F. Dowling, Alexa Thein, Anchal Saxena, Andrina A. Kirst, Annika M. Stimac, Anthony Emmi, Areesha Shahid, Avery Walke, Bradley Balach, Caela A. Provost, Caroline Atlas, Daniel Bonsangue, Dessi-Ann Yetman, Elizabeth Broderick, Frank H. Stolba III, Harper Fox, Ian Braddock, Irlanda Hernandez, Jason Barnes, Jenny Cowan, Jodi Green, Joel Shambaugh, Julia Jacovides, Julie Yang, Kajol Raju, Kate Metzer, Katherine Marsh, Knut Helge Kirkhus, Lauren Rawlins, Lindsey K. Griffin, Madeleine Kay McDaniel, Maggie Mabie, Makhno Dunn, Maria Pobedinsky, Marjoria Romeyn-Sanabria, Meghan Stamps, Miguel Andrés Cruz, Natalie Kempton, Omar T. Hajajra, Richard Selwood, Sage Grant, Sallie Moppert, Sarah Joan Scott, Shane A.G. Pimentel, Shelly Feldman, Spencer Luckwitz, Sydney Krause, Theresea Barrett, Todd Jones, Yuree Nam, Нікіта Куніцин, Юлія Соломаха, Sergii Bordyug, Ганна Свириденко, Kristina Mysenko, Valeriia Liamzienko, Polina Klykova, Volodymyr Lezhnin, Павло Тодорович, Юрій Сторожук, Валерія Якимчук, Maryna Kovtun-Salnikova, Аnn Orzhekhovska, Nataliia Krynytska, Nataliia Volchenko, Anna Zubar, Леонід Мельніков, Olena Ustymenko, Amaliia Abdullaieva, Daryna Maksymchuk, Maksym Iatsyna, Yana Grygorenko, Yaroslav Mandrykin, Юлія Бруско, Anastasiia Pavlyk, Tetiana Berezhna, Mariana Antonovych, Mia Bonardi, Professor David M. Crane, Professor Sara Dillon, Kate Powers.

You can view the document via this link. You can also read the first and second editions of the report.

The Global Accountability Network is a network of prosecutors, lawyers, scientists, and other experts, as well as students, who collect and analyze information from open sources about international crimes. GAN continues to focus on events in Syria, Yemen, Venezuela, China, and now Ukraine. The Ukrainian Bar Association supports GAN’s efforts to gather information about crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine and to widely disseminate such information to the international community, and also provides expert and volunteer assistance to GAN UAP investigative activities.

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