SPILKA Online Legal English Course

Cambridge Law Studio has two online legal English courses available to UBA members for a combined price of £20.

More information by the link https://online.cambridgelawstudio.co.uk/content/141/info/SPILKA_Online_Legal_English_Course.


(1) The Illuminate Legal English Programme

This is an on-demand course, so lawyers can access it at any time. It contains 10 modules of training in commercial legal English and the relevant common law. The course contains video, clear explanations of language and law, and quizzes to help with remembering the new knowledge. Illuminate is accredited for 30 hours of legal English study.


The 10 Illuminate modules are:

  • The Formation of a Contract
  • Boilerplate Clauses in Commercial Contracts
  • The Liability of Businesses for Negligence
  • Sole Traders and Traditional Partnerships
  • Contractual Warranties
  • The Liability of Businesses for Nuisance
  • Damages as a Remedy for Breach
  • Payment Clauses and Retention of Title
  • An Introduction to Limited Companies
  • The Structure of a Commercial Contract


(2) Contract Drafting in English

This is also an on-demand course and can be accessed at any time. It is based on contract drafting lessons at our Cambridge school and is approximately four hours long. It is a masterclass in the English language skills needed to understand and draft commercial contracts in English, and it focuses on three main areas. These are:

  • The correct use and meaning of the vocabulary of contracts
  • A focus on warranties, indemnities, and encumbrances
  • Improving accuracy in the use of English when drafting
  • A quick workshop on which style and register of English is best practice in 2024.



“For a long time, I have been learning legal English, visiting different courses and using loads of platforms. But nothing from my previous experience was even close to this course in terms of its quality, effect, and results.”

Tania Burgart, Ukraine

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