UBA urges international companies to completely withdraw from Russia

Today we mark the 40th day of the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. For 40 days, Ukraine, a country of 44 million, resists the war of aggression of the country of 145 million. During the month of the war, more than 200 schools, 124 kindergartens, 39 hospitals, and 7000 residential buildings have been destroyed. 153 children have died since the beginning of the war, and still counting as the military actions continue.

In the course of the last month, more than 500 international businesses have decided to withdraw from Russia. Unfortunately, there are still companies who continue business as usual, despite condemnation by the international community and urges by the Ukrainian Government. The list of such companies is indicated in the appeal.

Every dollar that business invests in the Russian economy is spent not for humanitarian purposes, not for education, human rights protection, or the rule of law – all of which are lacking in Russia – but for financing military actions in Ukraine. Every day of the war in Ukraine costs Russia around USD 20,000 billion (!), and these sums come from the biggest taxpayers to the Russian budget.

Here are some numbers to demonstrate what foreign money can cover: USD 4,8 billion paid by Philip Morris in taxes to Russia in 2020 is enough to finance 68 (!) mobile short-range ballistic missile systems Iskander. USD 502 million paid by Nestle would buy Russia 502 infantry fighting vehicles. USD 335 million paid by Leroy Merlin is enough to cover 335,000 AK-74.

The war will not stop until the world finally realizes that the economic isolation of the aggressor country is the only alternative to World War III. Until foreign companies continue investing in the state budget of the Russian Federation, the situation will continue escalating.

President Putin has threatened to “wipe Ukraine's statehood off the face of the earth”. The recent liberation of Bucha and other cities of the Kyiv region revealed a horrible picture – mass killing and torture of civilians, mass graves, rape, and other atrocities made the world shiver. There are no reasons to suspect that situation in other cities of Ukraine that are currently under Russian occupation or siege, is any different. It is clear that the only way this horrible bleeding could end is by undermining Russia's ability to finance the war.

UBA addresses each company, that is still present in Russia, with a reminder that each sale your company makes in Russia is linked to a lost life in Ukraine. Each day you stay in Russia contributes to prolonging the aggressive, merciless, devastating war in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Bar Association stresses that Ukraine needs full economic isolation from the Russian Federation, which is the only way to finally stop the war by peaceful means. We urge each and every company that currently still operates in Russia, to take a public stance and withdraw from the Russian market until the military actions are fully terminated!

The full text of the appeal is available by the link.

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