UBA and Greenberg Traurig continue international partnership in 2024!

The Ukrainian Bar Association is pleased to announce the extension of its strategic partnership with the esteemed international law firm Greenberg Traurig into 2024.

Almost a year and a half ago, Greenberg Traurig became the first Grand International Partner of the UBA. This continuation underscores our shared commitment to fostering legal excellence and innovation.

Renowned for its global reach and diverse practice areas, Greenberg Traurig operates over 45 offices worldwide, including in major financial centers such as New York, Miami, Washington, Texas, California, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and across the United States, as well as global locations including London, Germany, Poland, Italy, The Netherlands, Tokyo, Seoul, Mexico City, Riyadh, Dubai, Singapore and Tel Aviv.

Specializing in real estate, infrastructure, energy, hospitality, funds including private equity, private credit and sovereign wealth, M&A, litigation and arbitration, finance & restructuring, capital markets, intellectual property, sports, media & entertainment, tax and employment and immigration law, among others, the firm offers comprehensive legal solutions to clients across various industries and geographies.

This extended partnership offers significant benefits for both the UBA and Greenberg Traurig. For the UBA, it provides invaluable international insights and access to a global platform, enhancing our mission to elevate the Ukrainian legal profession. Members gain unparalleled opportunities for professional growth and networking within Greenberg Traurig's extensive global network.

For Greenberg Traurig, this alliance deepens engagement with the dynamic Ukrainian legal market, enriching the firm's understanding of the local legal landscape. Leveraging the UBA's local expertise, Greenberg Traurig can more effectively advise clients with interests in Ukraine, navigating complex legal challenges.

In renewing this partnership, we look forward to a continued alliance that promises to be both mutually advantageous and productive, further bridging the legal communities of Ukraine and the broader global landscape. The UBA is hopeful for a future of continued mutual benefits and fruitful cooperation with Greenberg Traurig.

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