Project “Legal Support to Sport in Ukraine”

The development of any kind of sport necessarily involves a variety of legal issues that arise from time to time and require a qualified solution. Professional legal assistance to the sport is an important guarantee of its effective functioning.

We believe that at the moment one of the aspects of social responsibility of lawyers is to assist athletes so that they have the opportunity to focus on the main task - the achievement of outstanding results.


In order to support sports in Ukraine and sincerely wishing for its development, the Sports Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association has the desire and intention to provide free (pro bono) legal assistance on issues involving sports law.


  • Legal and informational support of the activity of persons involved in sports.
  • Ensuring effective protection of the rights of persons involved in sports.
  • Representation of interests of persons involved in sports in all instances.
  • Response to cases of violation of the rights of people involved in sports.

The term of implementation:

  • Unlimited

Terms of participation in the project:

  • The project provides legal advice on contractual, labor, transfer relations, disciplinary issues and any other legal issues that arise in the course of sports activities.

Initially, up to 15 hours per month (24 working days) are provided for the provision of legal assistance within the framework of the project. Also, when applying for assistance, the availability of free experts and/or their workload will be considered.


Assistance may be refused on the following grounds:

  • exhaustion of hours / non-availability of free experts;
  • addressing a question that is not relevant to sport.

Target audience:

Athletes, sports teams and sports federations

Expected results of the project:

  • Increasing the protection of the persons involved in the sport.
  • Increase the level of legal awareness of athletes in relation to their rights.
  • Facilitate the fair and objective consideration of disputes involving athletes.

Project partners:


Information about the project coordinator:

Project Coordinator: Dmytro Koval, board member of the UBA Sports Law Committee, lawyer at Avellum, tel. +38 (044) 237-79-33; e-mail to

The official page of the project: