Specifics and Trends of the Legal Market at the Annual Forum «Development of the Legal Services Market in Ukraine»


KYIV - March 1, 2019. The UBA Annual Legal Forum «Development of the Legal Services Market in Ukraine» is the largest and most respected event that offers valuable and up-to-date information on issues of primary importance for the legal market and serves a great opportunity to establish useful business contacts.

Legal business is a specific niche. Normally, companies share the same principles and work under the same conditions. At the same time, legal practice in each country differs; therefore, the specificity of the law practice vary from country to country, making the legal market more a local phenomenon than cosmopolitan.

Ukraine on the world map

How we can enter the international market, which way to go and where is out place under the sun? You will find all the answers during the keynote speech presented by Oleksandr Khvoshchinsky, senior expert at the LS Institute - Center for the Study of Professional Legal Services and Advanced Legal Studies, Managing Partner of Legal Stratagency.

De facto, Ukraine is the geographical centre of Europe, the border between its western and eastern parts. At the same time, its place on the map in the sectoral dimension is often determined not only by the intersection of meridians and parallels. Do we keep up to the developments of the world legal services market? How to survive in a harsh competition? Who has a better chance to succeed - a «universal soldier» or a narrow specialist? We will have the opportunity to reflect on these and other issues with our expert.

New armada in the legal ocean: mergers and acquisitions

The trend for alliances on the legal market is a challenge or regularity? Is it noticeable in Ukraine? Over the past year, representatives of large and smaller companies have come to the decision to form business alliances several times. What are the consequences of such decisions as they affect the legal services market? Which pitfalls await those who have dared to unite small ships into large bloodthirsty armadas in order to bring together the market together? The direct participants of these processes will reveal these and other things during the first session of the forum. Andriy Stelmashchuk, President of the UBA, moderates this part of the event.

The speakers will include: Markian Klyuchkovsky, partner at Asters, Igor Svechkar, partner at Asters, Aminat Suleymanova, partner at AVELLUM, Glib Bondar, Senior Partner at AVELLUM, Valentyn Zagariya, Managing Partner at SPENSERS ST, Serhiy Tyurin, Partner at SPENSERS ST, Serhiy Boyarchukov, Managing Partner at Alekseev, Boyarchukov & Partners.

Regional dimension of legal business

Certainly, the overwhelming concentration of legal market entities is concentrated in the capital and cities-millionaires. However, we should also take into account the regional dimension of the market if we wish to grasp the overall situation in Ukraine. Therefore, the fourth session of the forum addresses the issues of the regional market and its expansion beyond its local boundaries.

Artem Stoyanov, a senior partner of the LCF Legal Group, will moderate this session. The experts of the session prepare the «recipes»of doing business in the regions, secrets of rooting in the capital, and reflect on the future for classical firms that have come to the brink of generations and approaches.

Participants of this session:

  • Taras Bachinsky, Managing Partner of Bachinsky & Partners;
  • Serhiy Matviyev, Managing Partner of Matviyiv & Partners;
  • Oleksandr Ryabets, Managing Partner of Legal Partner, Chair of the Board of the Union of Lawyers of the Odessa Region
  • Tetyana Titarenko, Managing Partner, at Legrant


The Forum agenda will also cover the issues of legal practice, ethics, cybersecurity.

In addition, participants will be invited to an intellectual lunch «Ukraine is an Exclusive: a Talk about Society and Country», which will be moderated by Larysa Denysenko, a Ukrainian writer, advocate, presenter at Hromadske Radio. A special guest of the event will be Oksana Zabuzhko, a writer, poet, essayist and public persona.

Forum participants will also meet with leading legal market players during an interview:  "Business consolidation: mergers or acquisitions?"

Join us and get the most of the forum!

The forum will take place at Hilton Hotel on March 22.

To register, please follow the link: https://uba.ua/ukr/events/2964/