The UBA demands safety guarantee for attorneys in the course of their professional activity


KYIV — 29 January, 2016. The Board of Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) has published an open letter demanding guarantees for attorney safety in the course of their professional activity.

The legal community reports a systematic violation of professional activity guarantees what poses risks to attorney safety. The list of such cases has gained a few more incidents related to attorney professional activity.

The other day, on the night of 19 January, there was a fire accident at Bezpaly & Partners lawyer union. Experts found the evidence of flammable mixture at the accident scene. The managing partner of the lawyer union, Taras Bezpaly, interprets this event as an obstruction of professional activity.

26 January 2016, it came to knowledge that the car of Oleksandr Shadrin, an attorney who represents the interests of accused people in several cases, exploded.

Also we cannot ignore the previous year cases of violation of professional activity guarantees that are another proof of urgent need in attorneys safety strengthening.

23 March 2015, in Boryspil region of Kyiv oblast an attorney was killed — Viktor Ihnatenko. Just before, the attorney has successfully won a case of pecuniary character.  

22 October and 22 November 2015, the lives of an attorney, Vitalii Serdiuk, and members of his family were attempted: the shot was taken at the direction of the car where the attorney should have been sitting.

The Ukrainian Bar Association has multiply emphasized that the professional guarantees is the basis of attorney's activity. They provide attorneys with the capability to effectively defend rights and freedoms of any person.

According to the Ukrainian law "About Advocacy and Attorney Activities", an attorney has the right to security during their professional activity.

The main provisions about the attorney role were adopted by the VIII United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention in August 1990. According to these provisions, if an attorney is in danger due to their professional activity, the main principles of attorney's activity must be protected by the state authorities.

Taking into account the systematic character of infringement on attorney's safety that puts at threat the system of justice in Ukraine, the UBA Board sent an open letter to the Ukrainian President, Ukrainian General Prosecutor Office, and National Police of Ukraine demanding guarantees for attorney safety in the course of their professional activity.