Branch in Zhytomyr Region

"Life itself is neither a good nor an evil: life is where good or evil find a place,

depending on how you make it for them...".

Michel de Montaigne

Dear Friends!

Inspired by these famous words I would like to continue and say that our life, surroundings and gainings are what we make of them. The UBA Branch in Zhytomyr Region represents lawyers in different spheres who joined together to put the rule of law into action at state, social and public levels, build law-bound state, develop legal awareness among holders of right and legal profession in general, fulfill and protect professional and other shared interests of men of law and their non-formal communication and leisure.

To achieve the desired goal we are looking to cooperate with public employees, professional scientists, public figures, practitioners, experts and other people who are not indifferent towards law profession and Motherland destiny!