Branch in Lviv Region

Roksolana Kostur

Head of Branch in Lviv Region

Roksolana Kostur

lawyer, partner of JSC "Matveyev & Partners"

Dear Colleagues!

The Ukrainian Bar Association is a special organization that unites highly professional specialists of all law fields. The Branch in Lviv Region occupies not the last place in the Association and constantly proposes fresh ideas to our community of professionals. There is still much work to do. I hope that all intentions of newly chosen Branch Council will be actualized. So we're waiting for fruitful cooperation with anybody who wants to.


Taras Bachynskyi, Chief Officer and Managing Partner at Legal Aid Law Company, LLC

Ivan Horodyskyi, Director of Law Supremacy Center at Ukrainian Catholic University

Andrii Hrynchuk, Managing Partner at Hrynchuk & Partners law firm

Markiian Malskyi, Director of West-Ukrainian Branch of Arzinger law firm

Volodymyr Marusyak, Lawyer Assistant at Degtyarenko & Partners law company

Serhii Matviiv, Managing Partner at Matviiv & Partners law firm

Anna-Khrystyna Onyshchenko, Chief Executive of DK-Pravo Law Company, LLC

Anton Podilchak, Managing Partner at Advice Group consulting firm