GR Committee

Alyona Shulima

Head of Committee on GR

Alyona Shulima

Associate Partner Hillmont Partners

Dear Colleagues!

Large international business, which has a positive experience of using GR services in key jurisdictions, is willing to support and increase theircapacities in Ukraine. Such companies are accustomed to interacting in a civilized way with public and state authorities, to cooperate on the improvement of investment climate and sectoral regulation. These companies are open to the ethical consumption of GR services and the expert development of national GR consultants.

Powerful national companies are interested not only in expanding the geography and economy of their activities outside Ukraine but also ready to invest special expertise in the development of sectoral regulation in Ukraine. It is strategically advantageous for such companies for Ukraine and domestic businesses to have a reputation as reliable partners on the world business map. These companies initiate the creation of their own proactive GR functions and cooperate with external GR consultants.

As lawyers by profession, we can make full use of our knowledge of the law, understanding of the principles of government and regulatory bodies, experience in interpreting and drafting legislation to provide expert advice on both sides of the lawmaking process –legislators and businesses that operate in a variable regulatory environment. For the most part, both sides are ready for dialogue, and it is professional GR-consultants who know how to start it correctly and on time.

Lawyers of all functional roles, corporate GR-specialists, and GR-consultants will have the opportunity to combine efforts and experience to develop the law and make efforts to change the negative connotation of lobbying that exists in society today and emotionally tuned with corruption to the civilized interpretation of the lobbyists’ profession in the world.

The GR Committee will support and facilitate:

  • professional communication of lawyers of all levels and functional roles on the topics of professional essence, ethics, and trends in the tools available on the national and international markets, including through legislation, on interaction with public authorities and lobbying;
  • exchange of knowledge and experience with fellow lawyers in the public sector and GR specialists from other jurisdictions, organization of access to the best world practices in the field of GR;
  • spreading knowledge on the rule of law in society, in particular in terms of legislative activity, interaction with public authorities, and lobbying;
  • identifying reputational risks of individual UBA initiatives or documents issued on behalf of the UBA.