Committee on Migration Law

Sergiy Nizhynsky

Head of the Committee on Migration Law

Sergiy Nizhynsky

Deputy Minister for Social Policy on European Integration, Expert on Migration and Criminal Law, candidate of judicial sciences

Dear colleagues!

 Migration law deals with an extremely wide range of issues that require a comprehensive, systematic approach to studying and analyzing, not only within the framework of national law, but also knowledge and implementation of the international legal instruments. The need for harmonization of the legislation of different countries concerning the legal status of foreigners logically follows from such principles of law as equality before the law, prohibition of discrimination, etc.

 The urgency of issues in the field of migration law is also reinforced by the implementation of European integration processes by Ukraine, the full entry into force of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, the introduction of new rules for crossing the state border, global trends, such as the strengthening of globalization processes, taking into account the need to provide internal security by the states etc.

 In this light, the problem of ensuring balanced (from the point of view of time, the degree of interference with privacy and efficiency) mechanisms of verifying the authenticity of information about persons crossing the state border and intending to obtain legal status in Ukraine is extremely relevant.

 It is worth paying special attention to the harmonization of Ukrainian legislation in the application of provisions on cases of dual citizenship. The proper legal status of internally displaced persons is also a subject of special attention.

 Therefore, we invite you to improve and develop the quality practice of lawyers in the field of migration law.