Committee on Agricultural Law

Maksym Maksymenko

Head of the Committee on Agricultural Law

Maksym Maksymenko

Counsel at AVELLUM

Dear colleagues!

Ukraine's agricultural sector is the frame of national economy, forming the foundations of food security of our country.

That is why regulatory support of agricultural and infrastructure development, accessibility of funding  and  insurance  of agriculture needs an urgent implementation of legal and educational measures.

Our aim is to bring together professionals in order to create common discussion of the urgent issues of agricultural sector and to work towards initiating the processes of improving the legislation of different branches of law.

Join us!


Andriy Gevko

Andriy Gevko

Partner of Bargen

Svitlana Teteria

Svitlana Teteria

Senior Associate EVERLEGAL


Pavel Lebediev

lawyer AGA Partners


Igor Kravtsov
partner, head of LCF Law Group's cross-border litigation practice


Andriy Kohan

lawyer Asters



Yaroslav Serbin
legal adviser of «TAS Agro» LLC, lawyer