Committee on Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law

Eugene Solodko

Head of The Committee on Criminal and Criminal Procedural Law

Eugene Solodko

Lawyer and Senior Partner "Solodko and partners"

Dear colleagues!

We practise law in unique times – revolution, war and chaos at the beginning of still unknown way of building our country. There are changes going on in our professional association. We can see this, feel this and participate actively in this. It is very important not to lose human dignity and professional honor in this wild movement. Perhaps, while practising criminal defense only, it is possible to observe all kinds of human relations which not always instil feeling of pride of the mankind and some of its representatives.

I am convinced that only adherence to moral principles, extreme self-exactingness and exactingness to our work will allow us to place our profession at a comprehensively different level – a level of understanding on the side of the society, dignified relations among colleagues and proper respect from public establishments.

Let’s get united, colleagues! Our force lies in this.


Yevhen Grushovets

Yevhen Grushovets

Partner at Ario

Orest Stasyuk

Orest Stasyuk

Counsel at Criminal Law Practice at "Asters"


Oksana Dytynko, Partner at Fomin & Partners
Mykyta Nuralin, Advocate at VB Partners
Taras Poshyvanyuk, Partner at Equity
Volodymyr Rudnychenko, Counsel, Head of Criminal Law Practice at Integrites

Serhiy Smyrnov, Partner at Sayenko Kharenko


 Taras Bezpaly, Counsel of Legal Alliance Company , Advocate