Committee on Civil Law

Irina Moroz

Head of The Committee on Civil Law

Irina Moroz

Lawyer, partner of A.G.A. Partners law firm

Dear colleagues!

We all seek to build a state of law in Ukraine, this principle of "rule of law" should prevail in all spheres of life.

Citizens have to understand most of the legal consequences of their actions and deeds, that is to operate the principle of legal certainty, and the courts have in each case to interpret the law as they please.

I believe that the collaboration of members of the civil, family and inheritance law on the generalization of issues legal opinions developments and changes to the legislation have a positive impact and the development of the rule of law in Ukraine!


Oksana Voynarovska

Oksana Voynarovska

Partner of "Vasil Kisil and Partners"


Oleksandr Gubin, Associate at A.G.A. Partners law firm
Vladyslav Kysyl, Partner at KPD Consulting Law Firm
  Olga Lepikhina, Senior Associate "Asters "
  Yaroslav Brych, Legal Clerk at Vasil Kisil & Partners
  Talina Kravtsova, Senior Associate "Asters "