Committee on Tax and Customs Law

Tetyana Lysovets

Head of the Committee on on Tax and Customs Law

Tetyana Lysovets

Senior Partner at Sokolovsky & Partners

Dear colleagues!

The complex process of changes in tax legislation is continuing and it needs attention of the legal community. New times give us a unique opportunity really to influence the policy of the state, including reforms in the tax system. Much of what we have already done, thank you very much for that.

I hope that next year we will unite even stronger and will continue to make efforts to improve the law.

We invite all members of the tax and customs law to join the group «Податковий комітет АПУ» in Facebook.


Roman Blazhko, Deputy Head of Tax Practice at Alekseyev Boyarchukov & Partners
Oleh Vdovychen, Managing Partner at Vdovychen & Partners
Vitaliy Odzhykovskiy, Counsel at Sayenko Kharenko
Andriy Reun, Head of Tax Practice at Evris