Committee on Real Estate & Construction Law

Anastasiya Bidakh

Head of Committee on Real Estate & Construction Law

Anastasiya Bidakh


Dear colleagues!

The main purpose of the Committee is to create a convenient platform for the exchange of ideas and experience of professionals in the market of real estate. Investing in real estate are the most objective indicators of investment climate and the situation in Ukraine does not add reasons for optimism.

Only by combining our efforts to improve the legal framework, create appropriate safeguards to protect investments and the rights of investors, we can make a real contribution to both the creation of the rule of law, and to restore the positive perception of Ukraine in the world.


Oleg Boichuk, Partner at Asters
Denys Vanash, Founder of Vanash Urban Lawyers, advocate
Maksym Lazaryev, Head of Legal at Makrochem
  Volodymyr Levkovych, Managing Partner at YARLAN 
Serhiy Radchenko, Individual Practice
Tymofiy Sikorskiy, Partner at Salkom