Committee on Competition Law

Oleksandr Voznuk

Head of Committee on Antitrust Law

Oleksandr Voznuk

Partner at Asters

Dear colleagues!

Our Committee is a platform to discuss current issues of competition law. Uniting experts of law firms, companies The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, addressing a wide range of theoretical and practical issues, the Committee for the time being has become a centre of forefront views on competition law development directions. The Committee's actives are targeted to implement the best law traditions in this area in Ukraine.

In case you desire to get involved in these activies, be aware of legislative and practical trends, find answers on practical questions and increase your professional level - join us.


Volodymyr Sayenko, Partner at Sayenko Kharenko
Ihor Svyechkar, Partner at Asters
Maksym Nazarenko, Partner at Sayenko Kharenko
Anastasia Usova, Partner Redcliffe Partners