Support to Judicial Reform. Selection of Judges of the Supreme Court

An effective judicial system is an integral part of the democratic, legal state in which the rule of law prevails.

The Supreme Court serves as a key institution in ensuring uniform application of laws by all courts and the principle of legal certainty in a democratic society.

Its task is not so much correcting judicial errors in specific cases as ensuring the uniformity of judicial practice. In the absence of a single professional judicial body that forms the unified legal opinions for the whole legal system, differences in judicial practice are inevitable.

This is why the formation of the Supreme Court and the selection of candidates for the Supreme Court become of uncommon urgency and cause significant public interest.

The Ukrainian Bar Association project “Support to Judicial Reform. Selection of Judges of the Supreme Court” has launched on 30 September 2016 with the entry into force of amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine (in terms of justice) and the Law of Ukraine “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges”.

The purpose of the Project is to maximize the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the selection of candidates for the position of a judge of the Supreme Court.


  • Monitoring the process of selecting candidates for the Supreme Court, to ensure transparency, full and equal access to the information for the public and the legal community;
  • Informing potential candidates about the procedure of selection to the Supreme Court.
  • Encouraging members of the UBA and the representatives of the legal community to participate in the selection of judges to the Supreme Court.
  • Providing informational support to the potential candidates for the Supreme Court.

Expected results:

  • Transparent procedure of selection of candidates for judges of the Supreme Court.
  • Increased awareness of the public and the legal community about the order, procedure and the process of selection of judges of the Supreme Court.
  • Active participation of the public in supporting the judicial reform in Ukraine.

For more information, please contact the UBA Secretariat by phone: +380 (44) 492-88-48, e-mail: Contact person – GR-Manager Olga Lopushanska.


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