Effectiveness of Disciplinary Organs in the System of Justice

Independent system of justice is an essential attribute of democratic and rightful state governed by the rule of law.

Institution of judges disciplinary liability is one of the most important justice components. In the context of on-going judicial reform and high attention to this process from the society, the public expects to see in action effective mechanisms of judicial authority purification.

The disciplinary procedure against judges must protect rights of parties who complain about inappropriate behavior of a judge and judges whose professional level and honesty are doubted.

Effectiveness of Disciplinary Organs in the System of Justice project is created in order to raise performance, effectiveness and quality of disciplinary practice, judge rights protection, civil control and raise of society's trust to the justice system of Ukraine.


  1. Permanent monitoring of High Council of Justice and High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine activities in the scope of their performing of disciplinary practice. Preparing of regular reports and their publication.
  2. Analysis of norms and mechanisms of disciplinary procedures against judges and their adherence to international standards. Creating of suggestions on their improvement.
  3. Holding of public extensive discussions of disciplinary practice key issues, which includes organizing of working meetings and seminars in order to engage expert community. Promoting changes to legal regulation of judges disciplinary liability mechanisms.

Desired outcome:

  1. Raise of effectiveness and quality of disciplinary organs activity. Clear, fair and effective disciplinary liability system.
  2. Higher informational awareness of industry and public representatives regarding the activity of judges disciplinary liability organs.
  3. Active participation of the public in the process of justice system reforming. Building of a dialogue.

Highly effective disciplinary organs is a pre-requisite for building a fair and effective system of justice, guaranteeing judges independence and eliminating the flaws in current procedure regulating their punishment.