Initiative in support of Ukrainian Army

The Ukrainian Bar Association suggests its members to join the initiative in support of Ukrainian Army and buy Military treasury obligation certificates.

This initiative has been already supported by partners of leading Ukrainian law firms. One of the first who join the initiative were partners from Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners law bureau. Oleksii Reznikov, the UBA Vice-President, has said the following: "Each of us feels moral duty to support Ukrainian Army, if not by personal participation, then at least with money, because our safety and state entirety to a significant extent depends on state and defensive power of Ukrainian Armed Forces".

In addition, UBA Head Denys Bugai has also supported this initiative encouraging all the colleagues to join and announced promotional campaign within the Ukrainian Bar Association in order to attract as much Ukrainian people as possible to support Ukrainian Army. "Many our colleagues were called up into army, to some of them it was a calling of heart - a contribution to the protection of Ukrainian people. We, as leading legal community of the country, just can't stand aside. Those who cannot hold a weapon should buy treasury obligations - as much as they can, at least cooperatively", - encourages UBA Head.

Funds obtained from certificates selling will be a great help for Ukrainian soldiers. The UBA will be at pains to guarantee independent monitoring of obtained money spending to ensure that this is done in a proper way. And you can help us in this notifying about certificates purchase and send photos if possible.

You can buy a certificate at any Oshchadbank branch!

To get detailed information about the certificates please visit Oshchadbank or Ministry of Finance of Ukraine web site.