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On this page you can learn about partnerships programs’ Ukrainian Bar Association on 2016 year.

Let introduce partnership program of Ukrainian Bar Association on 2016 year. On this page u will know about different kind of partnerships, the privileges, opportunities for your firm and answer on question why profitably will be partner of UBA.

If u will UBA partners’ u will contribute to implementation of the UBA’s aims and tasks and in adding for it u can will do your contribution in development of legal profession, improvement of legislation, protections of rights and professional interests of lawyers. Besides u will have a lot of advantages and privileges from UBA and u will improve the image of your firm like a successful and socially active.

UBAs’ partnership program on 2016

Offers for event partners

Below you can find partnership program UBAs’ the most popular events by the year.

Even with events are popular in law community in Ukraine. Every year UBAs’ conference and forums make together leading experts of the country and foreign experts for discuss the most pressing issues of law and practice.

UBA’s event is a perfect opportunity to get a lot new valuable information, exchange views and to meet and communicate with colleagues and representatives of regulators, judges and academics.

If you support UBA’s event you will promote to organization of it and carrying out for the highest international standards and have the opportunity to establish itself as a socially responsible and successful firm that to raise level of your reputation and establish the leading position in legal services market in Ukraine.

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