Support the Project Sunflowers that collects information on Russia’s crimes in Ukraine


The initiators of the Project Sunflowers, whose participants collect testimonies of witnesses to the crimes of the Russian invaders in Ukraine, have launched fundraising to support it.

The Project was created to help Ukrainian authorities and international institutions that register and investigate violations of international humanitarian law and crimes under international law committed in Ukraine since February 24, 2022. The main objective of the Project Sunflowers is to collect information on victims of these crimes and on evidence of them.

The Project initiators are planning to create a database that will contain all collected information and that can be used by law enforcement authorities, including international ones. Creating the database involves the storage of information, and its secure transmission and storage requires special software. The costs of the Project are enormous, especially as a network of volunteers is currently being built up in the countries where the Ukrainian refugees are staying.

The Project Sunflowers calls on all not indifferent to help it in the fight for justice for victims of war. You can support the Project by donating money via this link.

The founders of the Project Sunflowers are the Peace and Justice Initiative, the Polish group of the International Association of Penal Law (AIDP), the Ukrainian group of AIDP, the Pravo Justice Project, the Centre for IHL and Transitional Justice, the Polish Bar Council, the Association of Legal Intervention and Ewa Hofmańska.

You can find more information about the Project Sunflowers in this Word file.