Counsel: A day in the life of a Ukrainian lawyer, Partner of MORIS Law Firm Andriy Savchuk


Andriy Savchuk, attorney-at-law, Chairman of the Committee on Procedural Law of the Ukrainian Bar Association and Partner of MORIS Law Firm, told the Counsel – the official monthly magazine of the Bar Council of England & Wales about a day in his life during the war in Ukraine.

Organising logistics for Ukrainian servicemen, training in the Voluntary Formation of Territorial Defense, responding on behalf of the profession to the war’s acute legal challenges, and managing a legal practice – now all in a day’s work of Andriy Savchuk.

The lawyer says: Personally, I hoped for a miracle and dreamt that the story of David and Goliath would repeat. Now, well into the war with the Russian Federation, I understand that any miracle never happens ‘just like that’; you need to act. In an open war, I believe that every Ukrainian should act in their place as best they can. We all saw the dedication and heroism of our soldiers, which was inspiring.

No matter how difficult it is, I constantly remind myself that our joint great victory is ahead. When you see how every day our soldiers, volunteers, political leadership and international partners do incredible things – you have no right to give up! – sums up Mr. Andriy.

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