The Ukrainian Bar Association invites international lawyers to cooperate, – the UBA Executive Director Inna Liniova


Executive Director of the Ukrainian Bar Association, Inna Liniova, in her comments for the Law360 Pulse article, noted that the close cooperation of the Ukrainian and international legal communities makes it possible to collect evidence of the Russian Federation’s war crimes in Ukraine, support people affected by the war, and also advocate for the creation of a special tribunal for Russia.

In the immediate aftermath of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February, both the UBA and the international legal community focused on providing pro bono services to Ukrainian refugees, fundraising to help people affected by the war, and working on ways to properly document war crimes. A significant part of this activity became possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of Ukrainian lawyers and international organizations, such as the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) and the Ukraine Task Force established by it.

Today, some of the attention of lawyers has shifted to efforts to ensure accountability and compensation for war damage and other legal issues that are likely to arise in the aftermath of the Russia’s violence.

To be able to continue its activities, the UBA has opened its door to attorneys in other countries – lawyers from other countries can become International Members of the Association, as well as sponsor membership in the UBA of Ukrainian lawyers by paying their membership fees.

The UBA encourages such international ties, especially in the context of Ukrainian leaders pushing for the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute Russian war crimes.

“When we speak about the establishment of a tribunal… which the UBA supports as one of the country’s priorities, it is important that this message comes from lawyers from various countries,” Inna Liniova said.

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