We invite foreign lawyers to join UBA’s Hot Line for the provision of pro bono legal assistance


Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the Ukrainian Bar Association has initiated a project – a free Hot Line to provide legal aid to citizens and businesses affected by the war. With the support of the International Bar Association, a hotline portal was developed for more convenient and quick communication with lawyers.

Since the beginning of the war, the Hot Line has provided answers to more than 4,500 inquiries from the public and small businesses. About 200 volunteer lawyers joined the initiative.

Many requests come from citizens of Ukraine from abroad. Among the most common ones are the following:

➣ Labor relations:

– official employment, which gives the right to stay in the country;

– procedure for taxation and declaration of income received in the host country.

➣ Business activity:

– forms of conducting business;

– key aspects of business registration;

– taxation.

➣ Establishment of non-governmental organizations, and charitable foundations.

➣ Purchase, and rent of residential and commercial real estate.

➣ Exemptions for Ukrainians.

➣ Social protection and social welfare.

If you specialize in either of these issues in your country and wish to join the UBA volunteer team, we invite you to fill out an application using the link.