Establishing an international tribunal for Russia will help to stop the war, – the UBA Executive Director says


The global legal community must join efforts and help governments and international organizations overcome any obstacles to the establishment of tribunals and other accountability mechanisms that are on the world agenda today.

This was stated by Inna Liniova, the UBA Executive Director, during a webinar dedicated to discussing the creation of the Special Tribunal for Ukraine and bringing the top military and political leadership of the Russian Federation to justice. The webinar was organised by the  Robert H. Jackson Center in partnership with Public International Law & Policy Group and New York State Bar Association

“The Ukrainian legal community and the Ukrainian Bar Association are certain that the creation of the Special Tribunal will become another important step that scares away Putin’s supporters, including those who continue financing the war. The creation of the tribunal now will become a very clear signal to the Russian leadership and people who support the aggression of the Russian Federation, that justice will prevail,” said Inna Liniova.

The Executive Director also added that the UBA together with its partners, in particular, the International Bar Association (IBA), the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA), the American Bar Association (ABA), and other legal societies from many countries worldwide are unifying the stance of the legal communities in the fight against the Russian aggression and delivery of justice. 

The webinar can be viewed at the link.