The UBA offers free membership to war-affected lawyers


The UBA provides free membership for Ukrainian lawyers. This option is available now thanks to our international members who joined the Association as a sign of support for the Ukrainian community. We also offered them to pay an additional contribution for the benefit of Ukrainian lawyers – and they gladly agreed.

We currently have 11 vacant places for free admission to the UBA.

If you want to develop the rule of law, join the UBA initiatives, protect human rights and the professional rights of the colleagues, but currently do not have the financial ability to pay for the membership, you are welcome to join the community. Forward a motivational letter with a brief description of your situation to e-mail: Contact person – Natalia Yermolenko, membership coordinator.

The UBA will accept applications in chronological order. The first eleven applicants approved by the membership committee will become the UBA members. Other applications will await the opening of the next set of free memberships. We are already working to significantly increase their number.