Practical Considerations for Establishing a Special Tribunal for Ukraine for the Crime of Aggression


The Global Accountability Network will be publishing a cornerstone document related to establishing a Special Tribunal for Ukraine on the Crime of Aggression July 6, 2022. This important white paper is a practical guide on assisting the United Nations and the Republic of Ukraine create a justice mechanism to account for the crime of aggression, an international crime, committed by President Vladimir Putin.

The white paper takes the many important lessons learned in the creation of the UN Special Court for Sierra Leone, the world’s first hybrid international war crimes tribunal and applies them to the setting up of this new court for Ukraine. The Special Court for Sierra Leone is celebrating its 20th Anniversary of its founding and is considered the more successful of the major tribunals.

The Global Accountability Network is a worldwide consortium of practitioners, academics, and students, the Global Accountability Network (GAN) provides professional legal services in atrocity accountability investigations to real-world clients.  Based on the established jurisprudence and rules of procedure and evidence of the international tribunals, the GAN provides its clients with criminal information/data through conflict maps, crime base matrices, and other associated documents, to include white papers, so that a future local, regional, or international prosecutor can take the case files and start their investigations and prosecutions.  Founded by David M. Crane, the Chief Prosecutor of the UN Special Court for Sierra Leone, the GAN has been doing work in atrocity zones for over ten years.  Current ongoing projects are in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, and Venezuela, with ground work being laid for a Uyghur Accountability Project. Associated universities are Syracuse, Michigan, Case Western, Cleveland State, Florida International, Emory, Toronto, Suffolk, NYU, McGill, and Washington University in St. Louis.