UBA and NYSBA International Section urge the Association of lawyers of Russia not to support the war in Ukraine


KYIV — March 21, 2022. Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) and New York State Bar Association International Section (NYSBA IS) urge the Association of lawyers of Russia (ALR) to recognize the errors of its Statement in support of the war and to work with NYSBA IS and UBA, as well as lawyers around the globe and leaders in all walks of life, to stand up for the rule of law and international law.

«Your statements of fact about the recent history of Ukraine are untrue, and your purported arguments, allegedly based on international law, in support of Russian invasion are invalid. Your Statement disappointingly fails to acknowledge the clear violations of international law by Russia in or with reference to Ukraine, at least since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022…

Killing civilians, destroying hospitals and orphanages, cutting off supplies of water, food and energy, endangering nuclear facilities - all speak of an intent to destroy the identity and even the existence of Ukraine as a nation and a people», - the letter said.

The full text of the letter is available at the link.