Ukrainian Bar Association urges the Saint-Gobain Group to immediately stop any activities with Russian businesses


KYIV — March 17, 2022. For 22 days now (!), the army of the Russian Federation supported by the Republic of Belarus is bombing residential areas, maternity hospitals, kindergartens, ambulances and civilian vehicles in Ukraine.

The foregoing actions of Russia and Belarus constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

ln these circumstances, western businesses publicly announce leaving Russian and Belarussian markets and closing their offices, while Saint-Gobain Group, being one of the largest worldwide industrial groups, continues operation in Russia. We find that such approach contradicts the motto “Saint-Gobain, a key ingredient in the wellbeing of each of us and the future of all”. UBA believes that cooperation with Russia and financing of Russian economy enable Russian Government to continue and most importantly finance the war and all the atrocities that are being committed in Ukraine.

In view of the above, the UBA urges Saint-Gobain Group to:

-           immediately stop any activities with Russian businesses and on Russian territory until full termination of any and all military actions against Ukraine,

-           to take а public stance and openly urge the Government of the Russian Federation to STOP military invasion in Ukraine.

The full text of the letter is available at the link.