First International Conference on Agricultural Law: Key Results of Day One


KYIV - September 23, 2021. The Ukrainian Bar Association opened the First International Conference on Agricultural Law together with the Agrarian Law Section of the International Bar Association. The first day of the conference was held online.

Anna Ogrenchuk, President of the Ukrainian Bar Association, co-founder and managing partner of LCF Law Group, and Peter Bartlett, Chair of the Legal Practice Division of the International Bar Association, Partner at Minter Ellison, opened the event and welcomed the participants and speakers.

Anna Ogrenchuk also thanked the co-organizer of the event, the International Bar Association, represented by Peter Bartlett, for participating in the first-ever International Conference on Agricultural Law.

In addition, Anna Ogrenchuk noted that for Ukraine, agricultural legislation is of great importance in connection with the adoption by Parliament of the Law "On Agricultural Land" and the subsequent opening in July 2021 of the land market.

This step has brought Ukrainian legislation in line with international obligations and European best practice. Ukraine has successfully complied with the decision of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Zelenchuk and Tsitsyura v. Ukraine.

According to her, free and open land turnover will help strengthen the market economy in Ukraine and improve the investment climate. However, with the adoption of the law, land reform has only just begun. In particular, Anna Ogrenchuk continued and highlighted the following necessary measures:

-          develop the necessary legislation as required,

-          conduct an audit of land in Ukraine and create an effective institutional system for land management,

-          make sure that the property registration system works well and that the court system is ready to deal with land disputes,

-          implement the necessary IT technologies that will allow for a transparent, fair and efficient transfer of land rights.

“The Ukrainian Bar Association is ready to support the government and the legal community in the further implementation of land reform. We hope that the annual forums on agricultural law will become a convenient platform for summarizing and planning further actions,” - added Anna Ogrenchuk.

Peter Bartlett thanked all the speakers and participants of the event. In particular, he noted that holding this conference is of special importance. On the one hand, the holding of the first conference coincided with the launch of a new section on agricultural law of the International Bar Association. On the other hand, holding the event is quite appropriate in Ukraine, one of the largest exporters in the world and given the quantity and quality of agricultural land in the country.


The first session “Liberalization of the land market. Best practices in land reform” was moderated by Jan Holtuis, BUREN Partner.

The speakers of the session were:

-          Oleg Nivievskyi, Professor at the Kyiv School of Economics, coordinator of the UaFoodTrade research project;

-          Oleg Samus, Partner of Sayenko Kharenko;

-          Sohail Mansorry, Head of the Urban Development Group of the Ministry of Agriculture of Iran;

-          Mandivamba Rukuni, Professor of Agricultural Economics and Member of the African Advisory Group.

The session focused on the following topics:

-          Global experiences in land reform: comparative study of best practices worldwide

-          Opening of Ukrainian land market: new opportunities and first results

In his report “Liberalization of the Land Market in Ukraine”, Oleh Nivievskyi focused on the issues of the agricultural land market in Ukraine, the ban/moratorium on agricultural land, previous economic influences and the new agricultural land market.

For more details about the first day of the conference, please follow the link (in Ukrainian).