Upcoming: New Season of PARTNERS ’SCHOOL!


KYIV - February 1, 2021. New Year brings new challenges in self-development. It is impossible to succeed without prior planning, and the UBA Knowledge HUB educational platform is here to help you out!

  • How to set up business processes, marketing, finance, staff and projects?
  • What is competitiveness and how to take the lead in this game?
  • Where to look for clients and how to keep them?
  • How to build your own personal brand & company brand and why are these components are inseparable?
  • Which of the financial models is the most effective?

These and many more questions will be addressed during the meetings within the new season of PARTNERS ’SCHOOL - a project which program is directly composed by the participants.

What is it all about?

PARTNERS 'SCHOOL is a project that allows you to get personal advice from the titans of the legal market - to hear insights from colleagues who have already gone through a thorny path and achieved significant results.

Why invent a bicycle if people have been flying into space for a long time? ;)

Who can participate?

Partners of law firms and practicing lawyers who are just planning to start their own business.


During February-March you will be able to:

  • communicate personally with experienced colleagues in small groups;
  • ask direct questions about matters hidden from public;
  • make useful acquaintances and get effective instructions that will bring you one step closer to your goal.

This is an hour and a half of active and open communication and answers to dozens of questions on key blocks:

  • Relationships in partnership. Distribution of powers.
  • Internal procedures in the company: team management, finance, workflow optimization.
  • Work with clients.
  • Marketing and brand promotion.

Team of speakers include*

* Meetings take place from 12:00 to 13:30

February 18 - Oleksandra Pavlenko, Pavlenko Legal Group

March 4 - Timur Bondaryev, Arzinger

March 11 - Oleksiy Voronko, Ario Law Firm

March 17 - Mykhailo Dubynsky, Dubynsky and Osharova

March 25 - Oleksandr Minin, KM Partners

Each participant has the opportunity to ask questions, both in advance (please send your questions to e-mail and during the event.

Participation fee:

UAH 800 - a member of the UBA; UAH 1,000 – a non-member of the UBA (cost of one meeting).

Choose a full course with five meetings at a reduced price: UAH 3,200 - a member of the UBA; UAH 4,000 – a non-member of the UBA.


Two seasons of PARTNERS SCHOOL have been already completed. Feedback from your colleagues is available by the link.

For all questions regarding the event, please call: +380 (96) 742 71 07 or e-mail: Contact person - Kateryna Pishchik.

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