Results of 151th Meetings of the UBA Board


KYIV - February 10, 2021. The first meeting of the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association in the new year was devoted to the formation of this year's vector of development. In total, the Board members considered 11 urgent issues. Below is the summary of the decisions taken.

The first and the most significant issue for discussion was the appointment of Victoria Krasnova, head of the “Community" department, acting director of the Ukrainian Bar Association. The relevant decision of the UBA Board was adopted with unanimous vote. In turn, Victoria Krasnova spoke about the Secretariat's ambitious plans for the current year, including even more events, projects and activities for members of the Association. UBA President Denys Bugay stressed that he hopes for a final return to offline and "anti-quarantine detox" in 2021, so there is even more work ahead.

The next issues were the approval of the UBA financial report for 2020, the reorganization of the Section of Forensic Experts and the creation of the Section of Enforcement Officers (for more details please visit our web-site). In addition, the UBA Board amended the Regulations on Membership of the NGO "Ukrainian Bar Association".

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