Olga Lopushanska Appointed Deputy Executive Director for Government Relations


KYIV - November 25, 2020. The Secretariat of the Ukrainian Bar Association has a new important appointment. On November 16, 2020, Olga Lopushanska, Coordinator of the UBA's GR Work, was appointed Deputy Executive Director for Government Relations.

During the four years under Mrs. Lopushanska's leadership, 60 public positions of the Association were prepared, more than 50 public discussions of legal policy issues held, 3 grant competitions won, 5 projects administered, in which framework important amendments to legislation were prepared and proposals were made.

Plans for further work from the first person:

- I will continue to work on building partnerships with international and non-governmental organizations, strengthening the reputation of the Association among the authorities, as well as strengthening the expertise of the organization.

We will continue to hold public meetings with government officials and advocate for initiatives that are important to the legal community, as our voice is stronger together!

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