18 Years of Shared History: Results of the Festive 150th Meeting of the UBA Board


KYIV - November 30, 2020. The festive meeting of the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association became a jubilee – the Board marked its 150th meetings.  In total, the members of the Board considered eight issues on the agenda, first greeting the Ukrainian Bar Association on its 18th anniversary.

Thus, the President of the Association, Denys Bugay, recollected the time when the UBA united several hundred members and held 10 events per year. “By now, the UBA has undoubtedly achieved significant results – it unites more than 6,000 fellow lawyers, several hundred events are held annually, and its position affects the legislative process in the country” – the UBA President quoted as saying.

In turn, Yulian Khorunzhiy, a member of the Board of the Ukrainian Bar Association, Senior Partner of Ario Law Firm, congratulated the Association in an original way - handing a summons (cake) with the words “Now the UBA is an adult!”




The agenda included the following issues: approval of the UBA partnership program and the Association's budget for 2021, consideration of amendments to the Charter and appointment of management of UBA regional branches.

Victoriya Krasnova, head of the “Community” direction, spoke about the results of the meeting of the heads of the committees of the Ukrainian Bar Association. According to her, the year of 2020 beat a record:

“The results are impressive! First, the number of committees increased to 26. Two new committees were established: the UBA Committee on International Trade Law and the UBA Committee on Mediation. In addition, this year beat a record holder in submitting committee proposals to the state authorities – in total lawyers prepared and submitted 43 proposals! This is the result that the committees have shown for the full year of 2019.”

At the end of the meeting, the members of the Board discussed the suggested changes in the staff list and considered the action plan for the coming year. There is a lot of new ahead, so stay tuned and join the generation of new projects!

Remember, our voices are stronger together!

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